Warranty and Coverages

We stand behind our work. Workmanship warranties are only as good as the ability of your roofing contractor to stand behind their work. It is important to safeguard yourself from misleading guarantees or warranties from roofing contractors unable (or unwilling) to return to your home to fix any faulty workmanship.

Burloak Roofers is 100% responsible for the quality of workmanship on your roof.
We guarantee our service with an iron-clad warranty that covers every inch of work we perform. If you are not satisfied, we gladly fix the problem, no charge.

A manufacturer warranty states conditions that apply to the roofing products purchased from the manufacturer. Whether you make the purchase or a contractor makes the purchase, the warranty is in no way connected to the work performed on your roof by a roofing contractor.


A roofing contractor installs a 25-year asphalt single to your roof. 4 years later, your roof begins to leak. It is discovered that the leak is caused by a chemical deficiency in the shingles.

Who is at Fault?

The manufacturer of the shingles is at fault because the shingles had a defect that originated at the manufacturing plant. In other words, the shingles caused the leak regardless of the roofing contractor’s good or bad workmanship. Therefore, the roofing manufacturer is responsible to replace the shingles, not the roofing contractor.

We are pleased to offer our clients a variety of roofing options. Warranty does vary between manufactures. Here is a sample of some options. We will ensure you are aware of the manufacturers warranty options before installation of your roof and we are always here to help or answer any questions. Some of the Products we use: 

  1. BP Shingles – Building Products of Canada Ltd.
  2. Enviroshake – Cedar Look Roofing
  3. Decra – Shake, TIle and Shingle
  4. Ecostar – Sustainable Roofing
  5. Wakefield Bridge – Solid Steel Shingles
  6. GAF Ruberoid